World of Coffee Dubai 2023 was an incredible experience for the whole La Marzocco UAE team (and we were even lucky enough to be joined by some wonderful members of La Marzocco Italy, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Egypt, and Turkey, too!)


La Marzocco had a huge presence throughout the exhibition. We hosted 12 partners with a Linea Mini, Linea Micra, and GB5 X that was customized in partnership with La Nena, each for three full days, where 4 roasters per day brought their coffees to showcase a signature drink for a couple of hours, took over our machines Wally set-up to serve up their finest coffees. With La Marzocco Home where people were welcome to come and try their hand at the Linea Mini and the new Micra. In addition, we installed machines on countless partner-specific stands around the exhibition.


The World of Coffee was an incredible way to tie together the coffee community in the UAE, GCC, North Africa, and beyond, creating endless amounts of communication and connection between us and our partners, but also giving them a platform to really shine and celebrate what they do best to a huge audience.

As usual, we threw our Wednesday night at McGettigan’s Irish Bar just opposite the World Trade Center, where we hosted friends, partners, roasters, and baristas to join us for drinks, dancing, and conversation The event was a huge success and we had the best time connecting with our community and having the opportunity to really thank our partners for their hard work both throughout the festival, but also over the past year.